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“Male Life Expectancy is Five Years Shorter than Women on Average”- Does that make you anxious? Neglecting
mental and physical health leads to serious health issues. Scheduling regular checkups and screenings will let you
stay informed regarding the health issues before they become serious.
Why do Men need to Take Care of Their Health?

Men need to take care of themselves, including physical, mental, and emotional health.
● Physical Health
Many aspects of physical health are often taken for granted. But what men usually miss out on is in knowing how
the Little things they do over time have a huge impact on their bodies and how they help them survive. How you
take care of the body and nurture it determines how long it lasts you. Often men end up neglecting personal
hygiene or taking vitamins. Late-night gaming and eating parties also turn out to be tough to break. A stable job
and other responsibilities also bring numerous issues. The daily issues affecting men’s lives make them responsible
for putting on weight, staying more stressed, and more exhausted. Things start piling up, easily affecting physical
health more. Certain real-life scenarios sometimes lead to underlying health issues. Stress, lack of sleep, and
weight gain turn out to be the risk factors for Erectile Dysfunction development.

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a common disorder in men across the globe, is more common as men age. But
sometimes, it presents its early onset. Erectile Dysfunction refers to the inability to get or form an erection firm
enough for sexual intercourse. Symptoms of ED include fatigue, lack of interest in sex, or low sexual libido. Over
time it becomes a medical issue that requires treatment. Diabetes, low Testosterone, high blood pressure, alcohol,
and drug consumption, weight gain, age, lack of restful sleep, poor eating habits, stress, and cardiovascular disease
hold an impact on developing this condition. Medications like Cenforce 100 can manage the disorder to some

When men are young, they start fueling their bodies off of packaged snacks and energy drinks. But with aging,
there’s a need to opt for the best mechanisms for change and wellness. For proper health maintenance, there is a
need to opt for a diet rich in antioxidants (fruits and vegetables), and it’s a good approach to putting an end to
cancer cases. Eating better lets you make small changes to your eating habits over time to develop better habits
that are more sustainable. Make small adjustments over time.
It’s suggested to Drink 100 oz. of water each day, Limit processed snacks and foods, and Make meals at home.
Include protein and Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Focus on your hunger and full cues, Plan meals and
hire a nutrition coach or dietician for extra help.

Exercise is a large portion of physical health. Create positive habits associated with exercise that will let you cover
strides toward a happy and healthy life. With that, you’ll experience fewer health issues. With proper exercise, you
can rest assured of attaining Stronger bones. There will be a Decreased risk of colon cancer, levels of Anxiety, risk
of Diabetes, and risk of Erectile Dysfunction.
Decreased levels of Depression, Improved Testosterone levels, and Lower risk of high blood pressure are some of
the major benefits.

● Mental Health
Life gets busy, and that’s when self-care tends to be the first item on men’s list to get cut. Building a strong
network of friends, Setting boundaries with work commitments, and attending therapy assist them to a huge
extent. Spending quality time with family and cultivating nourishing hobbies or talents positively impact your
mental health. Taking care of mental health also decreases levels of anxiety and stress, lets you get better sleep,
and helps you handle unexpected, day-to-day critical events.

Ways to improve men’s health
Besides eating well and staying physically active, there’s a need to follow additional tips:

● Protecting yourself
Wear helmets, safety glasses, and seatbelts, and apply sunscreen and insect repellent to protect yourself from
disease and illness.

● Protecting prostate
Men’s prostate grows as they age, and it’s not uncommon to notice changes in urinary habits and urinary
problems. Lower your risk of an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer by eating a nutritious, balanced, low-fat diet.

● Managing stress
7 to 9 hours of sleep is a must for better health. Managing your stress is also possible by maintaining a positive
mental attitude. Meditation helps improve your mood.

● Regular check-ups and screenings
Regular check-ups and health screenings let your doctor understand your overall health. The doctor is familiar with
you and your health history and treats you more quickly and effectively. Health screenings also formulate your
best plans based on your age and lifestyle.

Final words
Start considering your health an asset and invest in it appropriately so that there isn’t a need of dealing with
regular physical and mental health issues.