We welcome our customers to this page who are buying drugs from our online pharmacy. Further, we encourage everyone to read carefully our return and refund policy to get a hassle-free post-sale experience. Our policies are fixed and we have enumerated them to provide our customers with the best experiences. Moreover, in this way our customers and we can remain away from any kind of harassment.

Order Confirmation Process

Once you will select the drugs that you want to buy, we will send you the details of the product along with prices. Further, you can make the payment online and we will again send you the confirmation email. In addition, in the email, you can the expected delivery date of your order. Moreover, you will receive the acknowledgment soon after making an online payment. 

Compensation and Reshipping of Orders

Generally, it never occurs but it is difficult for anyone to predict the future. Further, in cases, your order is lost during shipping, we are ready to reship your order or refund the money paid by you. Our online pharmacy is also committed to bearing all the expenses including customs duty and taxes while reshipping your order. However, if you find the delivery time exceeding more than three weeks, it is essential to contact our customer support executive 24/7. You can find our customer helpline number on our official website. Thus, you never need to get panic even if your order is lost during shipping or for any delay.

Return & Refund Policy

We are open to listening, our every customer if anyone receives a damaged, broken seal, or tempered seal. Moreover, you can return your broken or damaged orders within 7 days. Further, we are ready to send again a fresh order to your doorstep without charging anything. Our executive will reach your address and after verifying the packaging, the order will be replaced. However, we will return or refund anything if you place any complaint after 7 days of receiving the order. 

We want to provide the best buying experience to our customers; hence, read about the policies before placing an order at our online drug store.