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Cancellation Policy

Our customers are allowed to cancel orders under certain conditions. We advise our customers to carefully read the cancellation policy before cancelling their orders to know the cancellation rules.

The canceling  process on our website.

The cancellation process on our website is easy and very simple. You would like to own a sound reason before cancelling your order.

 There are two ways to cancel your orders, you’ll be able to cancel it online or call our number so that we can cancel your order.  A cancellation invoice will be sent to you after confirmation that your cancellation has met our cancellation policy. 

What we don’t refund

Our website does not refund tariffs, taxes and government levied charges. It’s vital to notice  that this are a part of taxation rules in our country and also you can’t hold us responsible for this. 

How we refund the cancelled orders and request 

After receiving any cancellation order or cancellation request, first we track to see if it has met our cancellation policy conditions. After that, we check the order that was placed and instruct our delivery to proceed with further shipment.

In advance of the refunding process we don’t pay any refunds cancelled by cash. The payment is just made on to your bank accounts. in order to create the payment you are required to send your account numbers.

We will not be held responsible if you send a wrong or invalid bank account number. 

Additionally, you will wait for at least 7 working days from the day you canceled your order on our website till the time your order will be processed. 

If the money will not be credited to your bank account within 7 days don’t hold us responsible. Instead of calling us talk to your banks or pay them a visit to discuss the issue.

Under what circustamces does the cancellation policy work?

It’s very important to check at the conditions or the situations where you can cancel your orders. Below are some of the conditions for meeting our guidelines. 

Cancelling your product when the products are out of stock.

This is among the rarest cases in our website. If you have ordered medicine it is out of stock we will automatically cancel your order. 

Our website provides orders that are available in stock .

Order delay delivery.

When you feel that your delivery is taking too long to be delivered or you are not satisfied with our delivery services you are allowed to cancel your order any time during the transit. 

If your package has already reached the customs center, we may not refund you full amounts since the customs charges will have been deducted. 

Cancellation due to non-receipt of payment 

Your order will be canceled automatically if you place an order and don’t pay for it. After finalizing your order you will receive a mail from us with your invoice. The customer is anticipated to go to our website and make necessary payments failure to do so your order will be cancelled. 

Wrong Product Delivery 

If incorrect dosage of drug or wrong brand of medicine is delivered we will be accountable. After confirming that the delivered package was wrong you are supposed to contact us within a maximum of 7 days and place a cancellation and refund request. 

Tampered Products 

You can call us and place a cancellation and refund request if the product is tampered with in any way.